Re-Powering Puerto Rico with Solar

When Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit Puerto Rico, they left over 3.5 million people without power. To help bring some relief to the people of Puerto Rico, we have teamed up with OutBack Power to provide power where it is most needed.

The first responders at the San Juan Fire Department have been working day and night to deliver emergency services to the residents of San Juan, and have been depending on expensive and intermittent generator power. AEE Solar will be providing the equipment and installation guidance for three off-grid systems to support the fire department’s relief efforts.

Just this past week, we transported the equipment needed for three systems, each incorporating 5.5 kW arrays, 8 kW off-grid inverters, and up to 22 kWh of energy storage. Our very own Aaron Liggett, from our Technical Support team, has flown in to assist with the installations this week.

We are very proud to be working with industry professionals and non-profit organizations to help in re-powering Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico

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