Introducing the ME-ARTR Advanced Router from Magnum Energy

Control multiple PAE inverters and multiple PT-100 charge controllers with the new ME-ARTR Advanced Router from Magnum Energy. The advanced router can also handle two ME-AGS modules, multiple ME-BMK monitors, and one ME-ARC or ME-RC remote. Visit to place your order today!

ME-ARTR Advanced Router

  • Harvest up to 42 kW of solar with the ability to program and connect to balance of system equipment with one ME-ARTR
  • Install firmware updates in the field with a microSD card
  • Optimized scheduling parameters with pop-up reminders for better feedback to ensure the system is performing at peak levels

Download the datasheet for additional specifications.

About Magnum-Dimensions

The Magnum-Dimensions brand began as two well-known inverter companies, Dimensions Inverters and Magnum Energy. Dimensions Inverters joined Sensata Technologies in 2007 and Magnum Energy in 2014. Under the Magnum-Dimensions brand, Sensata Technologies continues to manufacture exceptional inverters, inverter/chargers, and accessories catering to mobile applications, including utilities, corporate fleets, RV, marine, and  Trucks; renewable energy applications, and the export market. Manufactured in Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota, and shipped worldwide, our products use the highest quality components to respond to the extreme conditions of variable climates.

Our dedicated staff of engineering, manufacturing, and customer service professionals work closely with customers to design and build some of the industry’s most reliable, advanced, and cost effective inverters, inverter/chargers and accessories. Offering both pure sine wave and modified sine wave models ranging from 300 to 12,000 watts – in single and 3-phase topology – and the ability to accommodate input ranges from 12 to 300 VDC, the Magnum-Dimensions product line has the inverter or inverter/ charger to meet your needs.

Learn more about Magnum-Dimensions on their website.

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