LG NeON2 Modules Available in 330W

LG’s NeON2 monocrystalline PV modules are among the most efficient PV modules available thanks to a host of innovative technologies and enhancements at both the cell and module level. These modules feature black frames, white back sheets, and thinner wires for a sleek appearance. The LG NeON2 module is available at AEE Solar in 330W and is ready to ship to your next project!

LG330N1C-A5 (011-00233)

  • 60 monocrystalline cells
  • Available in 330W
  • Cello Technology replaces 3 busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability
  • Module efficiency of 19.3%
  • 25-year Product Warranty, 25-year Linear Performance Guarantee & 25-year Labor Warranty

To check availability and to place an order, please visit AEEExpress.com.

To learn more about LG Solar, visit their website.

About LG Solar

LG provides solar products with industry leading power outputs. The DNA of LG’s technological innovation will continue to serve as the driving force for LG’s leadership of the solar energy market moving forward.

LG won the internationally recognized “Intersolar AWARD” in 2013, 2015, and 2016 for groundbreaking ideas and technological innovations that sets itself ahead of the competition. Growing power output at an expeditious ~7.5 annually, LG’s flagship NeON ® R, 60-cell module generates a remarkable 365W output.

LG has always built innovative, high quality products and LG modules uphold the same standards. LG PV modules remain robust and efficient in environments with high temperatures or low irradiance. This combined with a low annual degradation and longer warranty than the market average, warrants LG quality and customer confidence.

As premium products with the industry’s highest standards for energy output and efficiency, the LG NeON® series and LG MonoX® series provide a breadth of value including the maximization of per unit area electricity production.

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