Tech Q & A: All About Discover Batteries

Q: What lithium chemistry is exactly the Discover battery? Iron Phosphate?
A: Lithium iron phosphate, LiFePO4, LFP

Q: Is there a recommended limit on the number of Discover AES batteries that can be run in parallel?
A: They are saying that up to 20 should not be a problem. So far I think they have tested up to 16 units.

Q: Can I use the Discover battery with an XW 6048 older inverter?
A: Yes, certainly. It might be worth while to update the Firmware, but even without closed loop communications they will work as a replacement battery.

Q: Will the Discovery batteries communicate with Outback products currently out, or coming out?
A: It is expected that the Discover Lynk will have an interface card for the Skybox, but not for the legacy inverters like FXR or Radian. They will still work with those inverters, the set points just need to be slightly more conservative. The Lynk gateway will give monitoring of the battery bank separately.

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