Tech Q & A: Developments in Lithium Batteries

Q: Have you seen any LI FE Phosphate developments with the long time battery manufacturers such as East Penn/Deka, Exide and Johnson Controls?

A: Discover has been selling lead batteries for many decades, but I’m not sure if their plants make batteries for other sellers also. The big manufacturers are looking at integrating li-ion cells into batteries, much like the small guys currently do. However, none of them have the technology to manufacture the lithium cells themselves, which is a pretty sharp change from their current business models.¬† If one of them decides to integrate the li-ion manufacturing, then the market could change fairly quickly.


Q: Will Sunny Island continue to use low voltage batteries, i.e. not RESU Type C compatible?

A: The newer Sunny Boy Storage inverters use the high-voltage Li battery like the LG RESU-HV. No changes to Sunny Island that we know of.

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