Introducing SnapNrack SpeedSeal™ Technology!

SnapNrack has launched the all new SpeedSealTM Technology featuring SpeedSealTM Foot for the Ultra Rail Roof Mount System and SpeedSealTM Track for the RL Universal Roof Mount System. This new generation of roof attachments features an innovative design that incorporates flashing reliability into a single attachment by using a patent-pending Lag Driven Sealant Technology. Visit to place your order today!

SnapNrack SpeedSealTM Features:

  • SpeedSealTM Foot & Track dramatically speeds up the installation process by allowing installers to lag straight to a structural member with no in-between components.
  • The SpeedSealTM Technology compresses sealant into shingle surfaces and lag hole as the SpeedSealTM Foot or Track is secured to the rafter.
  • Both the SpeedSealTM Foot & Track save installers time on the roof with fewer parts and fewer tools, while maintaining the integrity of the shingles, eliminating the need for a pry bar to rip up shingles and remove nails.
  • SnapNrack Ultra Rail SpeedSealTM Technology Brochure
  • SnapNrack RL Universal SpeedSealTM Technology Brochure


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