Product in the Field: SMA Core1-33 Commercial Inverters for a 63.0 kW DC RV Park Carport

An excellent installation completed in 2020, with two of the SMA Core1-33-US, three phase, 480 V/277 V WYE commercial inverters, installed on two carport solar arrays. These inverters are installed high up on the carport structure, next to the array. SAM Core1 inverters have six MPPT circuits, with two direct plug-in inputs to each circuit, which makes stringing of this array and wire management very easy to accomplish. Essentially, the inverter has string level monitoring, allowing quick identification of any issues with the array, and then easily correct any problems. This inverter also has integrated AC and DC disconnects, so additional switches were not required for this installation.
If this was a rooftop installation, rapid shutdown is easy to achieve utilizing the APSmart Rapid Shutdown MLPE devices, with one device placed under each module. The SMA Core1 inverters have integrated Sunspec PLC signaling, making them compliant to all current NEC Rapid Shutdown requirements.

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Written by: Glenn Hall, AEE Solar Sr. Applications Engineer

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