In Stock! Hanwha Q.Cells Q.PEAK DUO XL-G10.3/BFG 470-485

The threat of tariffs on imported solar modules subjected the USA solar industry to a countrywide module shortage, which resulted in many solar projects delayed or cancelled. Now that President Biden has issued an executive order to waive the tariffs for 24 months, and removing the risk of any retroactive future tariffs, we are starting to see more modules arrive in our warehouses, and thus available for purchase and distribution to our network of AEE Dealers.
AEE Solar is very excited to have received our first allotment of the new Hanwha Q.Cell QP Duo XL-G10/BFG 480W Bifacial Solar Panel. Currently, these are located in our California warehouse, but should also soon be arriving in our Pennsylvania warehouse as well. This is a high performance solar module well suited for commercial and ground mount applications. It is a double glass design, with a 12-year product warranty, and a 30-year power performance warranty. These modules features an all-aluminum, high strength frame that is certified for up to 5400 Pa (112 psf) snow and up to 2400 Pa (50 psf) wind loads. The double glass design combined with the bifacial Q.ANTUM solar cells allows an energy yield gain of up to 20%, depending on the specific installation environment and application.
We would be more than happy to provide a quotation for these modules for your next project. Please call our sales team at 800-777-6609, or go to our online storefront at AEE Express!


Written By: Glenn Hall, AEE Solar, Sr. Applications Engineer

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